Sunday, January 8, 2012

8/365 - Olde Dobbin Station

8/365, a photo by reltubl on Flickr.
Today we went to see where Uncle P and Aunt D are getting married. The venue is currently being restored so there was tons of space for Lil E to run around. He had a blast burning that extra energy!


  1. perfect capture of how little he still is. i tend to get in so close, that i lose the scale, but this is perfect. love the location too :)

  2. Love your photographs...I'm new to photography and still learning, lovely venue to have a wedding, be beautiful when it's finished!

  3. Love the contrast between all of the light and open space, and your sweet boy running... great shot!

  4. Gorgeous, the light is lovely and the perspective shows just how little he is in comparison to the room. This will be a great location for the upcoming celebration!