Saturday, January 7, 2012

7/365 - Riding His Big Green Tractor

7-365, a photo by reltubl on Flickr.
Santa brought Lil E a John Deere tractor for Christmas this year. He is still learning how to drive it, but I am sure he will have it figured out in no time!.


  1. Lacey, love the light you got while your little one was playing with his new tractor. This is such a precious childhood memory. Good luck with your P365+1!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous light in this photo...I always love the pictures that capture our babes moving away from us. That sounds sadder than it is, though!

  3. As a farm girl, I always love some John Deere! The photo is fantastic! I still struggle with backlight so much.

  4. OMG just love this! Such a perfect shot :)