Tuesday, March 27, 2012

87/365 - Play Doh

He loves playing with his play doh.

86/365 - Yeehaww

My little cowboy.  He loves running around the house on his stick horse and he must carry his sword with him.  

85/365 - A Visit with Pappaw

I love to see them both smile.

84/365 - Yummm

I don't really think this picture needs a caption.  Just "yuuumm"

83/365 - Monthly Self Portrait

I try to do a self portrait once a month.  Just so when Lil E gets a lot older, he will be able to see what his  momma looked like.  =)

81/365 - Bubbles

This was the first time I have actually handed over bubble to Lil E.  Now I know why I never do....he practically puts the whole bubble wand in his mouth.  He has a little bit of learning to do.  =)

80/365 - Rock Rock

"Rock Rock" is what Lil E tells me to do when he is not quite ready to go to bed and wants me to hold him.  The little things that go straight to a momma's heart.

79/365 - Video Games

One of those nights where the hubby and I played video games.

78/365 - Baaaath Time

Bath time shots are so much fun!

77/365 - Warrior Dash

We had a few friends that participated in the Warrior Dash.  We had fun being spectators, but all Lil E was focused on was the banana table.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

76/365 - A Little Visit

Pappaw was having a good day when we went to visit him. He smiled when he saw Lil E which really made me happy. It has been a long couple of weeks and he has his good days and bad days. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy more good days than bad ones.

74/365 - Lashes

I never get tired of looking at those perfect lashes.

73/365 - Sleeping Angel

I just love sleeping shots. Can't get any more precious than this.

72/365 - Confusion

Oh what to do, what to do.

71/365 - Happy Shower Day

One of our friends had her baby shower for her new little princess that will be making her appearance soon!

70/365 - Birthday Party

Lil E had a birthday party to go and he got to color his goody bag. You should all know by now how he loves to color!

Friday, March 9, 2012

69/365 -Pappaw

As a child/grandchild, I think I refuse to realize that my parents/grandparents are aging. In my mind, they stay young forever. I guess it is time for me to come to reality and accept the fact that they don't stay young forever. My grandfather was admitted to the hospital a few days ago due to a stroke he had a few weeks ago. This has actually been a little harder on me than I expected it to be. I am learning more about strokes than I guess I ever cared to know. It is hard for me to see the effects this has had on him. He seems to be doing better and starting to get a little antsy. I can understand that he is ready to be in the comfort of his own home. I just pray that he doesn't have anymore.  I will leave you all with a few pictures of our trip to visit him.
In the car on our way:

He insisted on his JoJo getting under the table with him.  The things grandparents do for their grandchildren.

Not the best shot, but everyone was tired and ready to get some zzzz.

68/365 - Brush brush brush

Lil E loves to brush his teeth, or more so slurp the tasty baby toothpaste off the brush.

67/365 - Focused

Looks like I have a little lefty on my hands. I love to watch him color. He makes some of the funniest facial expressions when he gets really focused.

66/365 - Feet

The days that I literally run out of time to take a picture or I am totally uninspired, you will probably get a picture of my feet. I know it is not the best subject in the world, but at that moment, it was all I had the energy to take a picture of.

65/365 -The Park

It was a beautiful afternoon for a trip to the park. Lil E is still learning how to drive his tractor, hence the bit of off-roading he did. Lil E and his daddy had a blast going down the slide.

64/365 - No Picture

I somehow got away with not taking a picture today.  =(

63/365 - Monkey See, Monkey Do

Daddy climbed up in the attic to swap out the air conditioner filter and Lil E. thought Daddy needed his help. That little guy has no fear.

62/365 - Bored

Lil E stayed with his grandparents for the night. Can you see the excitement written all over his face?

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Way I View Love and Sweetness

You may remember last month when I mentioned I was doing a little project called The Way I View_____.  The February theme was Love and Sweetness; very appropriate for the month of love.  =)  Anyway, the shots below are how I view love and sweetness.

Please click on over to Mandy McElrath's blog to see how she views Love and Sweetness.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

61/365 - A Pallet

Yesterday, our washing machine decided it was not going to work properly and it overflowed. We were all in our bedroom when Lil E decided he wanted to go get Flo (his stuffed seahorse that lights up and plays music) from his room. He ran out of our room and quickly came back saying "Mommy, water...Mommy, water". I got up thinking he wanted a cup of water. We entered the living room and he says "see it, water". Awesome, there is standing water everywhere. That was a little bit of a long story, but had to explain why this little guy has a pallet in our room now while his room is being dried out.

60/365 - Leap Year

Since today was leap year, I actually let Lil E "leap" on the bed. He wasn't getting much air though.