Monday, April 23, 2012

103/365 - Surgery Day

My little love bug had to get his tubes put back in and have his adenoids taken out.  It was a rough day, but he is doing much better!

101/365 - Sick Day

Untitled by reltubl

My poor baby was not feeling very well.  Those ear infections are rough!

99/365 - Great Grandpa

I love getting pictures of these two together!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

98/365 - Easter Basket

My sweet little love got to open his Easter basket a little early, because we were not going to be at our house on Easter morning.  He was a huge fan of the extra large pencil and the little paper pad.  He loves to "color".

Here is an extra one that I just love.  =)

97/365 - My Assistant

I was hired to take some senior portraits for a beautiful young lady and I had my trusty assistant come with me.  =)  He helps me find good locations and I needed him to model for me before we started the session so I could my all my settings right.  What a trooper!

96/365 - Time to Play

This is one my favorite fields to take pictures in, however my little model doesn't like to cooperate with me anymore.  He just wants to run and play!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

95/365 - New House

95/365 by reltubl

I am so stinking excited!

94/365 - Me and my boy

Not a perfect photo, but one of my favorites.

92/365 - Lion King

My little guy is becoming obsessed with Lion King.  Thankfully we have a digital copy on the iPad so he can watch all the time.

91/365 - Pool Time

Hard to believe it is pool time already.

90/365 - Thirsty?

Little guy was parched after looking at our new house.

89/365 - Sleep

This bed is ALWAYS calling my name.

88/365 - Fiiiight

I don't remember what this toy is actually called, but I am sure most of you remember it.  Lil E and Daddy were having a blast fighting each other, but we couldn't stop laughing because Lil E insisted on sitting in the chair.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Way I View Happiness

It is time for another post for my monthly project of "The Way I View".  The theme for March was Happiness.

Lil E loves his play doh and it is one of the many activities he gets great joy and happiness out of.  Please stop by Mandy's blog to see how she views Happiness.