Thursday, January 19, 2012

19/365 - Toy Story

Lil E is a HUGE fan of Toy Story right now. He received a set of Toy Story figurines for Christmas this past year that reside in a little Mickey Mouse suitcase. Whenever he gets ready to play with them, he wheels his suitcase over to me to open. Once the suitcase is open, he takes out the figurines and lines them up on our media table. I love these little moments that I know won't last forever!


  1. so sweet!! i love how the little ones are so organized and particular with their toys. hehe, he's even got his Buzz shirt on!!! :) love it!

  2. Toy Story is a favorite at our house right now as well. Seems like a fight is always ensuing over who gets to play with Buzz and who gets to play with Woody.